Organizing Partners


SPBC           (SKY Perfect Broadcasting Corporation)

FOCUS           (Focus Corporation)


Koji Kamibayashi – President

Kōji is the founder and former CEO of TV Tokyo Broadband. TV Tokyo Broadband, also known as TXBB, went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2005. The company also was the largest shareholder of InterFM in Tokyo, Japan.

Scott Hillier – Advisory Staff Program Direction

Scott Hillier is an Australian Director / Cinematographer / Screenwriter /Producer based in Paris and is also founder and President of The ÉCU European Independent Film Festival. He won an Academy Award in 2003 as Director of Photography on the documentary ‘Twin Towers.’

Ken Nishikawa – Chairman

Ken was born in Atami. He is a radio presenter, radio/TV director and translator. He worked for the BBC in London in the 90’s as well as many Japanese TV & radio stations. Ken was co-producer, editor and sound designer for “Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story” which enjoyed its world premiere at Raindance in London.

Mike Rogers – International Relations Director

Mike Rogers has been producing TV and radio programs in Japan since 1983. Mike was co-producer of “Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story” which enjoyed its world premiere at Raindance in London.

Kanae Hara – Creative Director

Kanae was born in Atami. She is one of the best up and coming designers and artists in Japan. She designed the logo and opening screens for Mt. Fuji Atami Film Festival.

Kayoko Fujita – Producer

Born in Tokyo Japan, based in WA, USA. Kayoko has a history of working in film and video production cultivating relationships and ties between the people in Japan and the world. Through culture, languages, and events with other organizations, she creates global opportunities for creators in Japan and beyond.

Atsushi Machida – Chief Event Officer

Atsushi has ran hundreds of events in Japan from Marathons and cross country bicycle racing to business conventions.