2018 Mt Fuji – Atami Film and VR Festival Jury:

      • Head of Jury: Yutaka Okada
        Movie Producer
        Born in Tokyo in 1938. Graduated from Waseda University. He joined Nikkatsu Movie Company as assistant director in 1962. Served as Assistant Director during the Heisei era, he worked as a producer since 1971. In 1989, he Established Argo Pictures Co., Ltd. Currently he is president and representative director, he continues his production activities not only in the film world, but also in TV, original, video and all other visual fields. Famous works include. “Distant Thunder” (1981), “Family Game” (1983), “Funeral” (1984), “Sakura no Garden” (1990), “Sanwa Straits” (1995), “Blown in the Binds of Vietnam” (2015).
      •  HUR Jin-Ho
        In 1963, he studied philosophy at, Yonsei University, then graduated from Korean Film Academy (KAFA). Director Ho Ji-Ho’s first feature film “Christmas in August (1998)” was also screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and released in Hong Kong and Japan. He was praised as one of the Best New Directors for his third work “April Snow (2005)” His movie is the biggest hit in Korean movie history and box office revenues in Japan exceeded about 3 billion yen.
      • Isao Yukisada
        Born in 1968, he is from Kumamoto Prefecture. In 2000 “Himawari” won the International Critics Federation Prize at the 5th Busan International Film Festival. In 2001, “GO”, won the spotlight with his 25th Japan Academy Award for Best Director Award along with many other movie awards. In 2004 “Crying Out Love in the Center of the World” recorded a massive box office hit with revenue of over 8.5 billion yen and became a social phenomenon. Other works include, ”Narrate” (2017), and, “Rivers Edge” which was featured as the 68th Berlin International Film Festival Panorama Division Opening Work.” He is also involved in the reconstruction of Kumamoto including screening a new work named, “Ichito Sukan” at the “Kumamoto Revival Film Festival” where he serves as the festival director.
      • Yuki Sugino / Kiki Sugino
        Actress, Movie Producer, Director
        Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1984. Studied abroad in Seoul while she was in Keio University. In 2005, she made her debut in the Korean movie, “Dazzling One Day” and appeared in, “Absolute Love” (2006 / Directed by Kim Ki-duk). A special feature was assembled at Tokyo International Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival in 2001. Her first director work, “Manga Meat and I” was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival etc. The second work, “Lucky” won the Best New Director Award of Busan International Film Festival “Asia Star Awards”. Her third work, “Snow Woman” was screened in the Tokyo International Film Festival Competition Division.
      • Scott Hillier
        Director, Representative of ECU European Film Festival
        His direction and production ability in Cinematography has been internationally acknowledged by the world for more than 25 years. In 2003 he won an Academy Award as a Director of Photography for the documentary film, ”Twin Towers”. Founder and representative of ECU Europe International Film Festival. Academy Awards, New York Independent Film and Television Festival Best Short Drama Awards, Annual Director Awards including BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and many other awards.
      • Stephen David Brooks 
        Studied under the Academy Award winning Special Effects Supervisors, John Dykstra and Richard Edlund. He was named as a “Stephen King Approved Screenwriter” by the world-famous novelist Stephen King. Multiple award winning director/writer with wins at famous film festivals such as: ECU The European Independent Film Festival (ECU Europe Independent Film Festival), The Chelsea Film Festival (Chelsea Film Festival) and others. Short-listed for a Grammy Award in 2017 for “Video of the Year.”
      • Matsunaga Daisuke
        Born in 1974. Directed his debut with contemporary artist Pyu Piru’s documentary film, “Pu ~ Piru”. His first feature film drama, “Pieta of the toilet” (Yojiro Noda, Sugisaki) has won nationwide release, as well as the Japan Film Director Association Newcomer Award etc. He also released the documentary film “Otoki” on the Japanese rock band sensation, THE YELLOW MONKEY. His latest work is on Haruki Murakami’s, “Hanalei Bay” (Featuring Yoshida Ramo and Sano Rei) scheduled to be released in Japan on October 19, 2018.
      • Takatoshi Naoi
        Movie Producer
        Representative director of planning and distribution for Spotted Productions. Distributing many works, including: “SR Saitama Wrapper” series (2009-2012 / director: Yu Irie) “Flashback · Memories 3D” (2012 / Matsue Tetsuaki), “One Hundred Yen Love” (2014 / Masayuki Takei) etc. Also hosts the film festival, “MOOSIC LAB” which is for young directors and a gateway for new, talented musicians. In 2017, also released, “Holy One” (2017 / Iwakiri Ichiban), “Girl encounter” (2017), “Theatrical Version Sacred Carettechan” (2011 / Irie Irio), “Your Dreams When You Count 5” (2014 / Yuuki Yamano), “Our Ha Ha” (2015 / Daigo Matsui), “Is Not it Disgusting?” (2017 / Mai Sakai), “Ice and Rain Sound” (2017 / Daigo Matsui).